Tappeti in Bamboo Silk

Marble carpet collection in Bamboo Silk

A collection of carpets that takes inspiration from the matrial influence of marble.

Realized for giving value to modern and designed environments, these rugs are made of Bamboo Silk.

The innovative natural yarn, is taken from the manufacturing of the bamboo’s fiber, that allows to get a silky, shiny, and resistant material.  


Bamboo silk is a kind of natural viscose; the cellulose is extracted from the plant as an adhesive pasta. After the extraction, the cellulose is allowed to dry, once dried, it is worked for getting a silky soft fiber, also fresh to the touch.

Unlike the traditional silk, bamboo Silk carpets can also be positioned in areas of passage thanks to their good resistance.

These rugs are also environmentally-friendly thanks to the fast cycle of growth of the plant.

Possiamo realizzare tappeti su misura in Bamboo Silk con qualsiasi disegno dimensione e colore. Per ulteriori informazioni non esitare a contattarci

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