Morphologies | Nino Mustica

The rugs of the collection designed by Nino Mustica, which has made exclusive sketches for Artep, are handmade according to the most traditional craftsmanship techniques. They are produced in our laboratories in North India. The production process involves the real scale playback of carpet design on a special millimeter paper, which is then used by the weaver group as a guide.

The nodding technique is at very high density knots, about 160,000 square meters, a technical parameter that places these artefacts at the highest quality standards.


To reproduce the material effect of Nino Mustica’s pictorial techniques, it was decided to use “glossy” materials such as bamboo silk and viscose; In addition, the carpet veil was shaved with scissors, on two levels to make the three-dimensionality of the drawings better. The yarns were dyed craftily with the “dip dye” technique, as it was done for the realization of antique rugs.


Each carpet will be made in Limited Edition, with 6 specimens: under all points of view, real unique pieces. A certificate of guarantee showing the technical and qualitative features of the carpet will accompany each specimen, together with the artist’s authenticity.

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