Studio Nemesi Collection

Rugs Collection inspired by the collaboration with Studio Nemesi, which designed in 2015 the Italian Expo pavilion. The rugs are hand-knotted bamboo silk and wool&viscose blended from North India with an high knot density. Available in custom size.


The Italian contemporary architectures and urban design in these years had to face a trivialization which brought to a flatted reality and loss in the future perspectives.


Nemesi bring together the contemporary society as an original complex system, conveying this idea throughout its projects, product of a philosophical and scientific research of these complex phenomena. Nemesi follow “the deep” as a stylistic kind – in opposition to the reality simplification – in line with the cultural and aesthetic Italian heritage.


Nemesi was born in 2008 from the architectural and integrated services company named “Nemesi & Partners”, administered by Michele Molè and Susanna Tradati.

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