Artep Italy for over 20 years, it is proposed as the ideal partner for private clients, companies contract, supply companies and design studios interior decoration, design and production of individual carpets or dedicated lines. Artep Italy also published collections designed exclusively for design firms and international art.
Artep S.R.L., S.Anastasia 34
Verona, IT 37121

Tel: +39 045 8005050
Who are we

Artep is a brand with over twenty years of history and success, recognized in Italy and in Europe as a synonym for customizable and versatile quality rugs. Artep was the absolute pioneer in the market for custom carpets in Italy, and services offered are the result of continuous improvements from the professionals who work there.

Artep Italia

is the contemporary brand of Il Mercante d’Oriente and includes a design office that deals with textile design and graphic presentation of proposals and a sales office for contract services has its headquarters in Corso S.Anastasia 34, in the center of Verona, a few steps from the famous Piazza delle Erbe.

Artep, a contraction of “Art in the Carpet”, born from the need to evolve an activity that was once exclusively tied to the sale of antique carpets able to solve in a creative and current way any kind of problem related to the world of the carpet. Quality, taste and aesthetic sense are the guidelines in each design. As with high fashion, design, materials and finishes are the result of research at the highest levels. The experience gained in the implementation of quality carpets for hotels, banks, residences, offices, yachts and private jets, make Artep Italia one of the leading international companies in the design and construction of

Custom Carpets.