Dall'Arte nuova Arte

“Nasca dall’arte, nuova arte”; from this quotation of Nicoletta Malachini the twelve subjects thought for this first series of carpets take shape inspired to the most famous works of the contemporary art.

 This line was born from the wise mix of quality and tradition, design and innovation, which suggestions have the ability to renew one of the most ancient forniture, the carpet, leaving the exotic and exclusive mood untouched. 
The collection of Nicoletta Malachini, in art Anghì, recalls to the charm of famous pictorial works of nineties for colors, shapes, lights and reflexes.

These custum carpets, that come to life from the wise chase of wool knots, are worked at different heights with different techniques, with cuts that define the outline and different plans of position of the shapes, in this way an unique visual expression is produced. In some model the insertion of the silk exalts the details creating reflexes and hits of light. The irregualr shapes and the juxtaposition of warm but defined colors, lead the look of whom observes on different and unusuals runs. Available on application also in special size, these rugs are realized in India on vertical looms, using the most traditional process as techniques of knotting and of loop.
Every single carpet has a certificate of authenticity where serial number and specific techniques are reported.

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