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Traditionally, the carpets made ​​by the Afghan tribes often included symbols associated with life and fate rather than death and war. However, from the Soviet invasion of 1979, some weavers have incorporated provocative and disturbing images. Events during the period of Taliban rule and the American Occupation similarly have provided nourishment for the imagination of the weavers. According to most of the literature on the topic, war rugs have originated near Herat in northwest Afghanistan. They probably were woven by members of tribal groups with long knotting traditions. Many war rugs are attributed to the Baluchi weavers, a nomadic tribe of different ethnic groups occupying a large region between the Iranian-Afghan border. The earliest war rugs are an inventive variation on the traditional designs. The collection of Tiziano Meglioranzi is a complete stylistic evolution of these rugs, real "historical documents" of the military events that have taken place over the last 30 years in Afghanistan.

War Rugs

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