Classic decorative rugs with a modern spirit, a comparison with the past that reinvents an elegant decor without overwhelming. Here are our New Decorative collections 
ancient lux collection


​​Echoes of ancient civilizations, decorative motifs which have become corroded and forgotten by the weight of time are now brought back to light. The opulence of silk emerges from monochromatic backgrounds in wool, creating a perfect balance between old and new, a stylistic feature that makes the entire Ancient Lux collection pulsate. 

luxury collection



The materials and colors create a play of light and contrasts that highlight the baroque style and literally make the surface of these unique and refined creations shine with a metallic gleam.

golden oldies collection



How to revisit the carpet now entered into the collective imagination?  That rug that everyone remembers from their childhood home? How to make it catchy, irreverent and current? This resulted in the Golden Oldies collection. 

fanciful collection


Classic rugs and true icons come to life through a dream-like decomposition and reinterpretation, making them a land inhabited by an ecosystem full of life. 

art decò collection


Geometry, symmetry and balance are mixed in the Geometric Deco collection, the result is a reinterpretation of existing decorations that recall the Art Deco style, typical of the early decades of the twentieth century. 

D-ecus collection


D-ecus, besides being a pun, is the Latin word that means "decoration", understood as the way to give dignity to shape, hence the name of the collection.

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