Geometry of doing

D-ecus, besides being a pun, is Latin for "decoration", understood as the way to give dignity to the shape, hence the name of the collection. Result of the work of the architect Daniela Cavallo, the collection D-ecus re-interprets the floor designs of the Veronese architect Luigi Trezza (1752-1823) in carpets.

 Geometries thought and drawn in the eighth century become objects of contemporary everyday life. The decoration is given a primary role, that of keeping together the different levels of "measure"; the universal, the big and the small. Three designs, included in the exhibition of the 1998 catalogue, as well as the original manuscript of Trezza, were chosen and many of these were made into ​​carpets, faithful to the original design and color. The carpets are available on request with over 1200 color variations and size can be customized.

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300 x 250 cm, 240 x 180 cm, su misura hand knotted lana e seta